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Experiment Integration Support (EIS/ECGI)

The mandate of the Experiment integration support Team (EIS/ECGI) is to help the experiments in integrating their software with the LCG middleware and in understanding the functionalities, and to provide support during the integration and testing process.

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The ECGI home page

The ECGI home page can be found here.

The EIS testbed

EIS testbed setup. Write to ask for an account. List of EIS hosts

General monitoring pages

LCG-2 deployment status. Useful to see if sites have problems.

Grid Operations Centre site database. To request access, follow this link. It is useful to know what machines has a site.

A powerful monitoring page with integrates information from different sources.

A nice Real Time Grid Monitor which gives a graphical view of the jobs submitted to LGC-2.

TestZone test reports. Please check this URL for specific problems you have with a site in the LCG test zone. Clicking on the Test date field for a site you can have a full history of the result of the tests performed at that site. Also, for each test, if you click on the field showing the test result, you can have details on the test performed.

GridICE monitoring for ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCB. Useful to see how much disk space is available or how many jobs are waiting or running at a site. It is the best choice to see what is going on at a site.

Experiment-specific monitoring pages

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