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Date: 3 May 2006
Author: CERN GRID Deployment Group (<>)
Version: v3.3.0-0
Abstract: These notes will help you upgrade your site using yaim.


Introduction to the Manual Upgrade Procedure

This document is addressed to Site Administrators in charge of middleware installation and configuration. It is a generic guide to the manual upgrade procedure for the various node types (WN, UI, CE, SE etc.) on SLC3 and binary compatible OSes.

This document refers to the upgrade between the latest middleware release and the previous one.

Note on gLite/LCG

Upgrades from LCG-2_7_0 are supported. Upgrades from ealier gLite versions such as gLite 1.5 are not supported.

Between LCG-2_7_0 and gLite 3.0 most of the old lcg-* metapackages have been renamed glite-* (except for lcg-CE, lcg-CE_torque and lcg-RB). There is a manual step, described below, to accommodate this change

Update your middleware

  1. Reconfigure apt on your nodes

    Edit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/lcg.list so it references the latest apt-get repository

    rpm rhel30 externals Release3.0 updates

  2. Run the update
    > apt-get update

  3. Update to new rpm names

    For example, with the WN

    rpm -e lcg-WN
    apt-get install glite-WN

    All rpms have had their names changed, except lcg-CE, lcg-CE_torque and lcg-RB. A full list of available rpms is available in the Manual Install Guide

  4. Finish the update
    > apt-get dist-upgrade
    This will also upgrade the CA RPMs to the latest release that is in the repository.


  1. Adjust the site configuration file

    Change your local site-info.def, following the examples provided in /opt/glite/yaim/examples/site-info.def. A number of new variables have been added to this release, so you may find it easiest to create a new site-info.def based on the example rather than editing your existing copy. Pay particular attention to the LCG_REPOSITORY variable which must point to the latest repository.

    The new variables are as follows:

    - gLite WMS + LB
    - for building an FTS server
    - defaults to apt, but yum can be used.
    - The path of the lrms commands, eg /usr/pbs/bin
    - The version of the Local Resource Managment System, eg OpenPBS_2.3
    - Set this to use a separate db server for LFC
    - Set this to define the name of LFC's db
    - This specifies the location to download the host specific configuration file
    - Replace this with the siteid supplied by the person setting up the networking topology
    - Operating System Version (WN specification) - see

    There are numerous new variables for the FTA - please see the separate yaim file examples/fta-info.def for details.

    Some parameters have changed for the DPM

    - The filesystems/partitions parts of the pool
    - The database user (was DPMMGR)
    - The database user password (was DPMUSER_PWD)

    so the following are no longer used


    More information is in the yaim example site-info.def file.

  2. yaim has been relocated

    Yaim has been renamed glite-yaim and has been relocated to /opt/glite/yaim. Please

    1. Ensure any customised files are moved from /opt/lcg/yaim
    2. Ensure your site-info.def references the new location for FUNCTIONS_DIR and perhaps others (eg USERS_CONF)
    3. Put configuration files in /opt/glite/yaim/etc

  3. Rerun on the YAIM configuration script
    > /opt/glite/yaim/scripts/configure_node <site-info.def> <node-type> <node-type> ...

    Yaim logs some useful stuff to /tmp/yaim.log (and in the process redirects some errors which previously cluttered its output).

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Manual Upgrade Procedure

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