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dpm-buildfsv - build Disk Pool Manager filesystem selection vector  


dpm-buildfsv input_file  


dpm-buildfsv builds the Disk Pool Manager filesystem selection vector for preview purpose. The new algorithm allows to assign weights to filesystems and tries to avoid overloading servers or filesystems. To obtain the file system "vector" the code will first try to avoid selecting the same file server twice in a row and then try to avoid selecting the same file system twice in a row. At any time it will try to select the server and the file system that have the highest remaining weight and are compatible with the previous rule.

A file system with a weight of N will appear N times in the vector. At any time the next file system to use is the next entry in the vector. When the last entry has been used, the DPM starts again with the first.

The input_file contains one line per filesystem. Each line must contain the triplet server fs weight and an optional status.  


If the input file contains:

dskserver1      fs0     8
dskserver1      fs1     3
dskserver1      fs2     5
dskserver2      fs0     5
dskserver2      fs1     0
dskserver2      fs2     4
dskserver3      fs0     5
dskserver3      fs1     5

The program output would be:

fs_vector_len = 35
fs_vector[0] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[1] = dskserver3 fs0
fs_vector[2] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[3] = dskserver2 fs0
fs_vector[4] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[5] = dskserver3 fs1
fs_vector[6] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[7] = dskserver2 fs0
fs_vector[8] = dskserver1 fs2
fs_vector[9] = dskserver3 fs0
fs_vector[10] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[11] = dskserver2 fs2
fs_vector[12] = dskserver1 fs2
fs_vector[13] = dskserver3 fs1
fs_vector[14] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[15] = dskserver2 fs0
fs_vector[16] = dskserver1 fs1
fs_vector[17] = dskserver3 fs0
fs_vector[18] = dskserver1 fs2
fs_vector[19] = dskserver2 fs2
fs_vector[20] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[21] = dskserver3 fs1
fs_vector[22] = dskserver1 fs1
fs_vector[23] = dskserver2 fs0
fs_vector[24] = dskserver1 fs2
fs_vector[25] = dskserver3 fs0
fs_vector[26] = dskserver1 fs0
fs_vector[27] = dskserver2 fs2
fs_vector[28] = dskserver3 fs1
fs_vector[29] = dskserver1 fs1
fs_vector[30] = dskserver2 fs0
fs_vector[31] = dskserver3 fs0
fs_vector[32] = dskserver1 fs2
fs_vector[33] = dskserver2 fs2
fs_vector[34] = dskserver3 fs1


This program returns 0 if the operation was successful or >0 if the operation failed.




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