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Date: 25 July 2006
Author: Oliver Keeble
Version: v3.0.0-1
Abstract: Using lxplus as an gLite 3.0.0 User Interface



This document describes how to use CERN's lxplus service as an gLite 3 User Interface. The middleware is made available over an AFS share.


This service is available to anyone with a CERN AFS account.

All you have to do is log into lxplus using your usual account details.


Next you should set up your environment. This requires running a single command, which depends upon your shell.

Bourne shell users (including bash users) should do the following

> source /afs/

And C Shell (including tcsh) users should use

> source /afs/

This script will always give you the latest UI software available on lxplus. Once it has been sourced, you should have a fully functioning LCG UI.


> voms-proxy-init

to get started.

Job submission

Job submission happens in the usual way, ie using edg-job-submit or glite-job-submit. When retrieving your job's output using edg-job-get-output or glite-job-output, the files will be placed in the /tmp directory. Remember you can override settings like this if you create a 'ui.conf' file (the filename is arbitrary) and point the EDG_WL_UI_CONFIG_VAR environment variable there. This is described in the LCG2 User Guide [1].

Automation of environment

You can put the following statement in your shell startup files if you want to avoid manually setting your environment.


if ( hostname -s | grep lxplus > /dev/null ); then
    if [ -r /afs/ ]; then
	source /afs/

C shell

hostname -s | grep lxplus > /dev/null
if ( $? == 0 ) then
    if ( -r /afs/ ) then
	source /afs/

Using other AFS machines

As the middleware is made available via an AFS share, any workstation which mounts the volume can use it. You will need an SL3 box with the appropriate software dependencies installed, including the CA certificates. You can find out more about this by reading the documentation for the relocatable distribution, on which this is based, at [2].

Further Information

If you need further information or help, please contact the Grid Deployment team


Lcg-2 user guide, 2004.

O. Keeble.
Lcg 2 tar distribution, 2004.

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Using lxplus as an LCG2 User Interface

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