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gLite Release 3.2

Initial Release date:           23.03.2009

Supported Platforms:       Scientific Linux 5 (SL5)  x86_64   Debian 4  x86_64

Please read the release notes and installation guide and pay attention to the known issues that you find on the individual service release pages.

Updates to this release will be announced regularly. Sites are urged to keep their installations up to date with respect to these releases. Please check sl5_x86_64 or deb4_x86_64 for the latest updates.

All the requests are handled via the GGUS interface - set the "Type of problems" field to "Operations".

The release notes for each update are available in the: The Generic Installation and Configuration guide (only available for Scientific Linux) gives more details about the YUM repositories, the installation details and the configuration tool to be able to deploy the gLite 3.2 middleware.

Download and Installation

The gLite software is distributed as a set of different deployment modules / node types that can be installed separately. Please see below for the list of available node types. For each node type you will find there the specific information about installation, configuration, available versions and documentation.

Different node-types (ie. services) will be introduced progressively to this release on SL5. If they are not yet available, you should use the gLite 3.1 release series on SL4. In the case of Debian, only the glite-WN is relased for the time being.

The recommended way of installation is via the gLite yum repository. You can find the necessary information here. Please, note that this doesn't apply to Debian. Please, check the installation details under the glite-WN Debian page.

Available deployment modules / node types

For the modules/node types that are not released yet, please check the SL5 planning page to know more about when they are scheduled for release.

User Interface
glite-UI x86_64 gLite User Interface (UI)
Information Systems
glite-BDII_site x86_64 Berkeley Database Index (BDII), please use this nodetype for site level BDIIs
glite-BDII_top x86_64 Berkeley Database Index (BDII), please use this nodetype for top level BDIIs
glite-BDII x86_64 Berkeley Database Index (BDII) (OBSOLETE - Replaced by glite-BDII_site and glite-BDII_top)
Computing Elements
glite-CREAM x86_64 gLite CREAM Service
Data Management
glite-LFC_mysql x86_64 gLite LCG File Catalog (LFC) for MySQL
glite-LFC_oracle x86_64 gLite LCG File Catalog (LFC) for Oracle
glite-SE_dpm_mysql x86_64 gLite Disk Pool Manager (DPM) Storage Element (SE) for MySQL
glite-SE_dpm_disk x86_64 gLite Disk Pool Manager (DPM) Storage Element (SE) for Disk
glite-FTS_oracle x86_64 File Transfer Service for Oracle
glite-FTA_oracle x86_64 File Transfer Agent for Oracle
glite-FTM x86_64 File Transfer Monitor
glite-SE_dcache_info x86_64 dCache Info Provider
glite-SE_dcache_nameserver_chimera x86_64 dCache Nameserver Chimera
glite-SE_dcache_pool x86_64 dCache Pool Node
glite-SE_dcache_srm x86_64 dCache Srm
Worker Node and other deployment modules
glite-TORQUE_client x86_64 gLite TORQUE clients
glite-TORQUE_server x86_64 gLite TORQUE server
glite-TORQUE_utils x86_64 gLite TORQUE utils
glite-WN sl5_x86_64   deb_x86_64 gLite Worker Node (WN)
glite-LB sl5_x86_64   gLite LB
glite-MPI_utils x86_64 gLite MPI utils
glite-LSF_utils x86_64 gLite LSF utils
glite-SGE_utils x86_64 gLite SGE utils
Virtual Organization Membership Service
glite-VOMS_mysql x86_64 gLite VOMS Server (MySQL backend version)
glite-VOMS_oracle x86_64 gLite VOMS Server (Oracle backend version)
Other deployment modules
glite-GLEXEC_wn sl5_x86_64gLexec for the WN
glite-SCAS sl5_x86_64Site Central Authorisation Service
glite-ARGUS sl5_x86_64The EGEE Authorization Service
glite-VOBOX sl5_x86_64gLite VOBOX
glite-APEL sl5_x86_64gLite APEL Accounting Software