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gLite 3.2

gLite Worker Node - SL5 x86_64 platform


The gLite Standard Worker Node is a set of clients required to run jobs sent by the gLite Computing Element via the Local Resource Management System.

For a quick overview on the WN, please check the WN service reference card.

The gLite WN now includes the SWAT packages. SWAT (Site Wide Area Testing) is a grid monitoring tool that collects information about the configuration of Worker Nodes in the production grid infrastructure. It does this by providing a jobwrapper that runs before the execution of every grid job. It will check the following:

  • Structural information (hostname, queue, ce, site)
  • Job information (id, vo, vomsgroup/role/cap...)
  • System information (osname, processor, RAM...)
  • Version of java, perl, python, gLite, GFAL, glexec

Information about a worker node and its environment are sent to SWAT server via ActiveMQ messages. A server retrieves these information and stores them in SWAT database. The web application visualizes the data for statistical purposes (

Please check

Please see also the common gLite documentation page.

Known Issues
Please pay attention to the known issues.

Supported platform
The gLite 3.2 WN is supported on: For more details on the glite-WN in Debian, please visit:
The gLite Worker Node is available in RPM and in tarball format. The recommended installation is via the gLite YUM repository.

RPM Installation via YUM
The yum-module name is glite-WN.

IMPORTANT The 'yum groupinstall' method should be used to install:

yum groupinstall glite-WN

More information about gLite 3.2 Installation and Configuration can be found here.

Installation via individual RPMs
For the list of RPMs needed to install the Worker Node, please refer to the List of RPMs below.

Installation via tarball
Please find the link to the tarballs below. The user dependencies for the tarball contain a set of external dependencies (usually not found on a standard installation of the OS) needed to run the Worker Node. Instructions for the installation can be found here.

Released Versions

Version Date Priority Update details List of RPMs Tarball User dependencies for tarball
3.2.9-0.sl5 04.08.2010 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.7-0 24.03.2010 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.6-0 08.02.2010 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.5-0 07.01.2010 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.4-0 22.09.2009 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.3-0 27.07.2009 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.2-0 15.06.2009 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball
3.2.1-0 12.03.2009 Normal Details RPM list Tarball Tarball