Argus is a system meant to render consistent authorization decisions for distributed services (e.g. compute elements, portals). In order to achieve this consistency a number of points must be addressed. First, it must be possible to author and maintain consistent authorization policies. This is handled by the Policy Administration Point (PAP) component in the service. Second, authored policies must be evaluated in a consistent manner, a task performed by the Policy Decision Point (PDP). Finally, the data provided for evaluation against policies must be consistent (in form and definition) and this is done by the Policy Enforcement Point (PEP).


Links to the service documentation:

gLite R3.2 sl5_x86_64


Please check the Configuration and Intallation Guide for gLite R3.2

You use can this Yum repo file to install glite-ARGUS in gLite R3.2.

End of Standard UpdatesEnd of Security Updates
31/10/2011 30/04/2012

Released Versions

VersionDatePriorityDetailsList of RPMs
3.2.4-2 10/11/2010 Normal Details RPM list

Versions released on the old site

VersionDatePriorityDetailsList of RPMs
3.2.2-2.sl5 15/04/2010 Normal Details RPM list
3.2.1-0 08/02/2010 Normal Details RPM list