Known Issues for glite-BDII_site

Only the known issues for gLite 3.2 have been migrated. Please check the old 3.1 known issues page if you don't find the solution here.

Hanging issues disappear with openldap 2.4 3.2 sl5_x86_64 (Tracker Url)

Some sites have experienced freezing/hanging issues in their site BDIIs. Upgrading to openldap 2.4 seems to have worked to stop these problems. Until the BDII development team considers this version to be released in production, sites may want to try this workaround themselves. The package can be found here:

Install the package, stop the BDII service, set SLAPD=/usr/sbin/slapd2.4 in the /etc/sysconfig/bdii file and start the BDII service again.

YAIM known issues

For an up to date documentation on configuration known issues, please check also the YAIM known issues page.